Tarquin was created over forty years ago by Gerald Jenkins, then a mathematics teacher. Starting with a desire to make polyhedra in the classroom he discovered that books were the perfect medium of distribution for models - combining the fun of making them with the process of discovery. Tarquin's list has stuck to the principle of combining fun with education ever since. Our philosophy is that whatever we do has be as rich and enjoyable as the content allows.

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200 Years Old This Year!

Tarquin is part of a much older company - Richard Griffin (1820) Limited - that has published in mathematics and science for nearly 200 years. Its illustrious author base includes Michael Faraday and Humphrey Davy, and more recently the great statisticians. In the 1840s and 1850s, our ancestors had exactly the same philosophy as Tarquin does now: publishing and reselling the best of resources to make education a rich and fulfilling experience.

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