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A Level Mathematics School Subscription Package

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A Level Mathematics School Subscription Package
Excl. VAT: £100.00 Incl. VAT: £120.00

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A Comprehensive and Supportive Companion to the Unified Curriculum

Of what does the service comprise?

Tarquin’s service is comprised of a number of elements, which are usually available for purchase alone so that they can be combined with the way that you want to work.

For a school, we start with a subscription for £100 + VAT. The subscription buys you:

  • A copy of the Teacher Edition

  • Access to the e-version of the books for all your teachers, with all dynamic content

  • Access to CPD events free of charge for all your teachers

  • Ongoing updates to the text.

In short  – using the subscription alone, you can enrich the classroom and save money on CPD.

But the subscription also buys you access for a year to

  • preferential prices on additional textbooks for teachers - Save £15 per copy

  • preferential prices for students. So if you want to adopt, it’s very cost effective - you save £5 per student.

  • the e-learning environment to use as much or as little of as you see fit. You pay NOTHING for the teacher AND student users. 

For individual elements see details below. Note you can take a free, limited access, trial till June 2017. You can also download a copy of the Teacher Edition Free Sample here.

The FRESH approach: why?

Contemporary, comprehensive text

A new syllabus, without a history of questions to drill students on, is an opportunity for a fresh approach. We start with the assumption that mathematics at A Level should deliver good students for higher level studies – in mathematics and science. Contributions from mathematicians in industry provide real world links that will help with understanding and motivation. Our approach is therefore practical and inspirational.

Teacher support in-text and via CPD

This ebook: our student text for Year 1 provides an excellent and fresh look at how mathematics is taught - designed to prepare students for examinations by going through the curriculum thoroughly and expertly. But more than that, by making the first class problem solvers. A separate volume is available for Year 2. Please note if you buy the hard copy of the book the ebook this ebook is free.

Interactives to play in class or at home

Developed by teachers  – these are applets that demonstrate points for use in the classroom or for student use at home. Priceless in livening up difficult topics, and exciting students with the dynamism of the mathematics that they are studying.


Our fresh, dynamic approach to the course offers teachers and students paper and e-versions as standard. You buy a book and the ebook is included. The ebook is available alone at a reduced rate if you do not want the hard copy. 

Electronic versions of each text are supplied in an environment that will allow collaborative learning, working online, or offline. Better still they are device agnostic – you can use them through the web, in tablets or even phones.

The Tarquin system, powered by Kitaboo which has millions of users worldwide, enables cloud based teacher-led sessions where students and teachers work together.

The Editors

A team of practical, technology-savvy teachers – who are able mathematicians – has been put together to deliver the new suite of Tarquin A-Level products. The team is led by:

Dr Tom Bennison: following completion of a  PhD in Applied Mathematics, Tom Bennison is pursuing a career in teaching and is now the Level 3 Lead for the East Midlands West MathsHub. With experience of teaching undergraduates, postgraduates and school students he is keen to support other teachers deliver A-Level Mathematics. He views the introduction of the new syllabus as an opportunity to expose students to mathematics; not just past exam questions. He is a proponent of technology in the classroom and advocates the use of interactive activities alongside the more traditional exercises to develop understanding and intuition amongst students.

Dr Edward Hall is currently a mathematics lecturer at the University of Leicester. He has four years of lecturing experience, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate mathematics and engineering students. As somebody who has worked both within mathematics and engineering departments and closely with industrial collaborators, he is well placed to understand what Universities are looking for from those applying to study STEM subjects. He hopes this textbook will enable students to approach the new unified A-Level syllabus with confidence and inspire them to further their mathematical studies at university.