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Understanding Proof

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Understanding Proof
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Explanation, Examples and Solutions for A-Level Mathematics and A-Level Further Mathematics

For the University & International edition, without specific reference to A-Level, see HERE

Proof in mathematics at A-Level and beyond can be tough to understand and tough to explain. It's easy to see why textbook explanations can turn many readers off.

But without understanding proof, students cannot think mathematically.

Thinking mathematically is essential to success in mathematics from A-Level upward.

  • Understanding is the key driver of this book

  • Concepts are well explained, questions to test offered and solutions provided

  • Experienced communicators, the authors teach at Sixth Form and University level

  • See biographies below.

  • Contents cover key principles from direct and indirect proof to proof by induction

  • As well as particular proofs: Pythagoras' Theorem, Calculus, Trigonometry & Statistics

You have a limited time to cover the topic of proof, so choosing the best resources is vital. Tarquin has over 50 years experience of providing enrichment activities to teachers, students and parents. 


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REMEMBER! Being able to solve problems for exams by learning techniques is not going to make a mathematician.

Thinking mathematically helps get great exam results AND prepares students for higher degrees. 

The Authors: Dr Tom Bennison: following completion of a  PhD in Applied Mathematics, Tom Bennison is pursuing a career in teaching and is now the Level 3 Lead for the East Midlands West MathsHub. With experience of teaching undergraduates, postgraduates and school students he is keen to support other teachers deliver A-Level Mathematics. He views the introduction of the new syllabus as an opportunity to expose students to mathematics; not just past exam questions. He is a proponent of technology in the classroom and advocates the use of interactive activities alongside the more traditional exercises to develop understanding and intuition amongst students.

Dr Edward Hall is currently a mathematics lecturer at the University of Leicester. He has four years of lecturing experience, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate mathematics and engineering students. As somebody who has worked both within mathematics and engineering departments and closely with industrial collaborators, he is well placed to understand what Universities are looking for from those applying to study STEM subjects. He hopes this textbook will enable students to approach the new unified A-Level syllabus with confidence and inspire them to further their mathematical studies at university.


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Excl. VAT: £22.99 Incl. VAT: £22.99