Designing and Drawing Tessellations

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Designing and Drawing Tessellations
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Tessellations in which the individual tiles are lifelike motifs are a fun and fascinating combination of art and mathematics. At first glance, the creation of these intriguing designs can appear to be a complete mystery. Once the mathematical underpinnings are understood, however, designing them is a skill anyone can master. Designing and Drawing Tessellations presents everything needed for mastering this art. History and background on the topic are followed by descriptions of the required geometric concepts, focusing on transformations and symmetry. Numerous tips and techniques on the artistic aspects of creating tessellations are also presented, material not available from any other source.A step-by-step illustrated example describes in detail the process of designing and drawing a tessellation. Finally, dozens of different templates are included for creating a wide variety of different tessellations. Designing and Drawing Tessellations is designed for use either by individuals or in a classroom. Each chapter contains activities designed for a classroom setting. Students and adults alike love tessellations - they make mathematics fun while encouraging creativity! ISBN 9780980219135