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Letters to a Young Person

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Letters to a Young Person
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This remarkable book is borne of bitter experience, but is filled with real hope for the future. Our hope is it will play its part in engaging the young reader and help get them through the anger and frustration that leads to crime. Chris Streeks personal journey has been through crime, and prison, to an inner peace and a life's purpose in acting. Through his work he continues to grow his own reputation, but he is not forgetting his own journey and provides workshops and now this book to help young people avoid the path. With the benefit of hindsight, Chris addresses the young person that he was, passing on his experience in a way that will engage any reader. His style is his own and we present it with the minimum of change. Topics covered include childhood; crime; law and justice; prison; hope; beliefs values; achievement; theatre; literature; serenity; obstacles; challenges; charity giving; love; contacts network. An excellent present for a young person, an excellent resource for libraries in schools, youth clubs and prisons, an excellent read for anyone involved in helping ex offenders.

A Tarquin Original ISBN 978 1 899618 92 7