ACE Mathematics Games 4

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ACE Mathematics Games 4
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Easy to play and requiring only basic equipment, these games engage even the most reluctant of learners in year 4 whilst boosting confidence for all.

Great for teachers, parents, intervention workers, teaching assistants and private tutors, the flexible nature of this game pack offers:

  • the promotion of problem solving and thinking skills through game strategy fun homework activities,

  • ideal for engaging parents in positive mathematical activity practice for specific objectives from the new National Curriculum

  • a great resource to: “ensure students are engaged in learning and generate high levels of commitment to learning”

  • the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to: “the social development of pupils at the school” within curriculum time

  • an effective assessment tool

This book contains games to learn, assess and practice: recalling facts for the multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 recognition of factor pairs in numbers up to 60 rounding any number to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000 adding and subtracting, doubling and halving 2-digit numbers up to & exceeding 100 counting backwards through zero using a range of efficient mental methods with numbers up to 60 and 1000 David Smith is an experienced practising teacher and author. This book is the fourth of a set of books.

ISBN 9781907550881