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Working with Models

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Working with Models
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Provides a step by step guide to building 3D objects from 2D drawings


The book has been prepared for those interested in, or studying, Design and Technology and is designed to both introduce and consolidate the link between two and three-dimensional thinking.

Models figure prominently in design, engineering and architecture. Their manufacture and use provide a substantial contribution towards achieving good design. Whilst computer aided design has been immensely powerful, this book provides templates designed to take you back to basic principles. A task or two in the "real" world will also help increase understanding of the CAD world.Neglected basic principles are frequently the root cause of errors. It is envisaged that the nature of the book will assist in eliminating such tendencies and strengthen confidence throughout this particular field of technical study.

The emphasis is on participation, with material supplied to instruct, enlighten and stimulate. The book can be used at home or in school or college. But its approach is to construct models with a steadily increasing level of difficulty - providing a set of personally prepared aids, which subsequently provide an essential source of help and information in design projects.

Experience gained from using this publication will hopefully provide users with a sense of achievement, encourage interest and lead to a desire to learn more.


Recommendations of the British Standards Institution set out in BS 308 Engineering Drawing practice have been strictly observed during the book’s preparation.

The author, J.K. Wilkinson, is a UK based engineer, teacher and author.

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Excl. VAT: £5.95 Incl. VAT: £5.95