Ullagami - Geometric Kirigami Pop-Ups Volume 3

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Ullagami - Geometric Kirigami Pop-Ups Volume 3
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Amazing things emerge from ordinary paper with Guy Petzall’s geometric kirigami designs.

Starting with one of the many patterns beautifully presented in this volume, anyone with the ability to cut paper can make a pop-up card with an astonishing design - and then make it collapse again into a flat piece of paper.

Ullagami Volume 3 starts with basic principles, then evolves them into ever more complex and beautiful patterns. Each Ullagami Volume evolves the ideas in Volume 1 into ever more complex and beautiful patterns.

The book also includes 8 new warm-up templates, ready to fold, so that there is an almost instant reward for those new to kirigami.

Full instructions provide novices with confidence to make these amazing structures, supported by online video of tips and techniques. 

Contents of this volume:

Introduction, tools & techniques, 25 templates to cut: 8 warm up modes and 17 more advanced templates.

The Author
Guy Petzall is an American living in Scotland, where the winter nights are seemingly without end. To beguile the long hours of darkness, he started experimenting with paper. Having dabbled with origami for over a decade, he quickly moved on to kirigami, fascinated by the possibilities he found available by interrupting the folded surfaces that origami generally likes to keep intact. Guy sets himself just two basic parameters: each completed model should collapse when folded fl at; and each should be created from a single sheet of paper — nothing should be added or removed, but rather the surface of the paper should be rearranged without losing a shred of its area.