Ullagami Geometric Kirigami Pop-Up Kit

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Ullagami Geometric Kirigami Pop-Up Kit
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Amazing things emerge from ordinary paper with Guy Petzall’s geometric kirigami designs.

Why not start with ULLAGAMI: GEOMETRIC POP-UP KIT, a fun, child-safe and convenient way to make Ullagami models in the comfort of your very own home. The kit comes with everything you need to make 12 different Ullagami models, along with complete instructions. Here's what you get:

• 12 white die-cut A5 cards, scored and ready to fold, with helpful guides printed on the back of each;

• 12 black pre-cut A5 framing cards;

• Complete 24-page instruction booklet, fully illustrated, explaining how to fold the models, with photographs of each finished model.

The models in this kit are :

• 3x3 Blocks
• 5x5 Blocks
• 3x3 Obloid
• 5x5 Obloid
• 5x5 Clamshell
• 9x5 Hourglass
• 7x7 ZigZag
• 7x7 Spiral
• Mandala 1
• Mandala 2
• 7x7 Eck Scross
• 7x7 Kopi Susu

It's hours of folding fun, all in a convenient and handsome cardboard box!

The Author
Guy Petzall is an American living in Scotland, where the winter nights are seemingly without end. To beguile the long hours of darkness, he started experimenting with paper. Having dabbled with origami for over a decade, he quickly moved on to kirigami, fascinated by the possibilities he found available by interrupting the folded surfaces that origami generally likes to keep intact. Guy sets himself just two basic parameters: each completed model should collapse when folded fl at; and each should be created from a single sheet of paper — nothing should be added or removed, but rather the surface of the paper should be rearranged without losing a shred of its area.