DIME Pre-Algebra Project Pack

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DIME Pre-Algebra Project Pack
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Geoff Giles

The orthodox approach to early algebra centres on teaching children what to do in particular situations. While much may be said about 'why' something is done, many children only actually learn 'how' to do it.

The approach in this DIME pack focuses on building children to a dynamic way of thinking. Simple situations are presented, and thinking about the diagrams develops naturally into the use of algebraic notation. The material consists of seven sections, with the concepts divided into three main areas of understanding.

The first two, 'Number Mappings' and 'Operations' show ways of looking at numerical operations. The focus of attention is on how the operations relate to each other rather than on the calculations which are required.

The third area is called 'Number Patterns' and each of the patterns derives naturally from a series of developing diagrams.

The task is to find a generalisation expressed in terms of simple algebra which fits both the diagrams and the tables of results.

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