Let's Play Mathematically! Aiming High Family Games

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Format: Book
Playing games can unlock knowledge. Even more importantly, games can unlock a deep love of a subject.
  • This first book in the Aiming High series provides 36 games to help develop that love for mathematics. Simple to use, they are easy and enjoyable to play for any age.
  • Crucially, each comes with reflective questions and materials that are designed to bring out mathematical thinking and provide a deeper understanding of the topic that underlies the game. Even for the youngest players, this can be transformational.
  • Play the games with the book and equipment you have to hand - or buy with the Aiming High Family Games Kit which has everything you might need pre-prepared.   
The Aiming High series of books and resources has been developed by Toni Beardon, the founder of the NRICH Mathematics Project and AIMSSEC, with Caroline Ainslie and the team at AIMSSEC. The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Schools Enrichment Centre (AIMSSEC) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides training and resources aiming to empower teachers from disadvantaged rural and township communities in South Africa and other parts of Africa. The team combines expertise in mathematics and mathematical communication with experience and understanding of operating effectively in hugely varying circumstances. Royalties from sales of this publication will help AIMSSEC's work develop further. 
Format: Book