Bend the Rules

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Format: Book

An extraordinary collection of dot to dot puzzles by Trevor Bounford

"a wonderful mathematical book" Year 6 Teacher

A dot-to-dot book with a difference - for anyone who can use a ruler.

Using a ruler, draw a straight line between the numbered dots, connecting them in sequence, and watch how the mind assembles the series of lines to create an illusion of a curve, or curves. If you use a pencil to complete the puzzle in the first instance, you can correct any mistakes, then ink in the lines for the final art.

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The book nourishes the mind as well as the senses though - the “curve stitching” effects have long fascinated mathematicians and the book will provide mathematics teachers and parents with something worthwhile with which to occupy students profitably.

Teacher and parent notes are provided on how to use the book.

Ultimately though, this is book for those who like to create and who like visual illusions.

Hours of fun!

This book is also in many Tarquin Select packages with 100s of other resources for a small annual fee. Go straight to the collection with this book in for your preferred age group. Ages 3-7Ages 7-11Ages 11-14

Format: Book