More about the Tarquin eReader

The Tarquin eReader is – simply put – a way to access ebooks and other digital content from Tarquin. The eReader is special because it can be accessed online and offline – using a computer, tablet or your mobile.

It’s simple and it’s FREE

Getting the Tarquin eReader

Once you buy your first ebook from Tarquin, we will issue you with an access code to that ebook. With the access code there is guidance as to how to get set up – first online, with the screen below, and then (if you wish to) by downloading the free app to the devices you want to use using the links at the base of the screen and supplied with the initial email.


Once you are logged in, you will see the book that the code refers to installed and ready to view.


The system leads you through the process of accessing books and adding books. Any other access codes are easily added through the menu below– and the books they apply to will appear.

 Using the Tarquin eReader

Once you open your first book you will see a screen like this – with guidance as to how to best navigate the title and get the best out of the eReader using its various features for reading, note/highlighting and other functions.


When you have a library of Tarquin titles in the eReader, you will be able to browse by title and search using subject categories and by keyword from the Home Screen.

You can print from most eReader titles, by clicking the Print icon at the top of the page when it is displayed. For example here for a class set of Revise for Success worksheets:


Copyright for use of the material is the same as for the physical book. If you can photocopy it, then you can print it. (Reporting and licensing requirements will differ in different circumstances.)

Expanding your Tarquin eReader Library

It’s simple and cost-effective to add to your library. Ebooks are typically cheaper than physical books and of course there are no postal costs. You buy the licence, we email the code and get using. We also offer discounted prices for those who want both book and ebook.


Upgrading your Previous Purchases

Tarquin will also upgrade your physical book to include an ebook for a small fee. So if you have a Tarquin book on the shelf and want to be able to search and print from it, we may be able to help – though please be aware that the older the title the less likely this may be!

Details are set out on the Upgrade page here.