Geometric Patterns from Patchwork Quilts

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Geometric Patterns from Patchwork Quilts
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This book does not set out to be a guide on how to make a quilt or to be a handbook of quilting or patchwork techniques. Nor is it a history of quilting. What it does is
illustrate and demonstrate how geometrical patterns lie at the heart of so many wonderful designs for patchwork quilts.

Thanks to the generosity of many quilt makers, photographs of a wealth of beautiful examples have been included. They show, as do a multitude of line drawings, how the application of sound geometrical principles can open doors to wonderful and imaginative designs.

Robert Field has travelled extensively and has taken his camera and a keen eye with him wherever he has gone. Many people will be both surprised and delighted by the sheer number and variety of interesting patterns that he has discovered. The 5 Geometric Patterns books will appeal both to those who have a particular interest in the topic covered but also to those who are looking for a rich resource of pattern designs.


A Tarquin Original Title ISBN 9781899618417

Ebook now available in the Tarquin eReader 

Not currently available as a Kindle or ePub file, you may find it as a PDF Reader file by seaching for ISBN 9781858118062

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Excl. VAT: £5.99 Incl. VAT: £5.99