The Hats Puzzle Answer!

Remember, these are highly trained SAS men and the soldier in the middle of the three can see that the soldier in front of him is wearing a white hat.

The soldier behind him can also see the white hat of the soldier facing the wall, as well as the black hat of the soldier in the middle.

Now, if the soldier behind the one in the middle could see a white hat on the middle soldier, he would know that he himself was wearing a black hat and would immediately shout that out.

However, he doesn’t! So, after 10 seconds or so, the soldier in the middle knows he must be wearing a black hat and declares so!

And they are all set free. As I said – a cracker!

There is a more complex hat situation for the SAS guys that is explored in the additional material for the A Hen and a Half book - look out for that! 

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