Maths Trumps - Connections

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Maths Trumps - Connections
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Learn, revise and have fun

"a motivating, educational experience for children to engage in mathematical thinking as well as supporting the development of important positive attitudes and enjoyment of maths." Luke Rolls, Review, Primary Mathematics



"Maths Trumps Cards just received and I am very impressed by the quality of this resource & Paul Hunt is to be congratulated." GB 


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A Maths Trumps Card Game

Maths Trumps games provide players with what's needed to learn and revise by playing a great game of real skill. 

  • Written by a renowned mathematics teacher

  • Each pack starts with Useful Facts cards 

  • Players share game cards out

  • Then they try to trump each other

  • Making calculations on paper are encouraged

  • Bonus questions add depth and meaning to topics

  • The winner succeeds by collecting all the cards

  • Answer cards are provided. 

Games are perfect for teachers and for parents wishing to make learning a fun activity rather than a rote activity. Beautifully designed and written, they can be used over around 8 years old.


Like the best card games, they are ideal for small group use - groups of students, or a family. But they can also be used in solitaire games to revise, or to reinforce. See how here.



This pack aims to provide players with interesting introductions to key figures in cultural and scientific history, whilst reinforcing key elements of arithmetic and good mathematical practice. Topics covered include:

  • adding & subtracting numbers up to 3 digits, using column addition & subtraction

  • extending written methods to column addition/subtraction of 2 integers less than 10000

  • short multiplication of up to 3 digit numbers by a unit, and

  • to long multiplication of tens and units by tens and units and

  • to short division of up to 3 digits by a unit (incl remainders)

  • using formal written layout.

See how with these Explanation, Question and Answer Cards

Connections Explanation Card  Connections Answer Card  Connections Answer Card

The topics addressed in this pack meet all of the relevant leading objectives, as set out in the KS2/KS3 National Curriculum (Ages 8-14). The bonus content promotes deeper learning and explores wider concepts, giving more experienced players exposure to the higher echelons of the mathematics curriculum.

Chalkdust comment: "The idea here is that each card has statistics about a famous figure from history, such as month they were born in or the year they died. Now the interesting thing here is that you don’t compare these statistics to play trumps, instead you compared the result of adding, taking away, multiplying or dividing some combination of these statistics. Easy right? That’s what we thought, but it’s actually quite a challenge and one that we all soon found that our mental arithmetic skills weren’t quite up to! Thankfully no one needed to run and get a calculator to adjudicate as the solutions are all provided with the packs."


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The Author

Paul Hunt has been teaching mathematics at secondary school for over two decades. He is also an experienced examiner for both GCSE and A-Level maths, and he is regularly approached to proofread/answer-checks maths textbooks prior to their publication. Aside from Maths Trumps, he has written the very popular Teach Further Maths suite of PowerPoint presentations for Teachers and Students of A-Level Further Mathematics. He has also co-authored a series of A-Level mathematics examination papers for the updated 2017 A-Level mathematics specification. He lives in North Wales with his partner, Linda, who he describes as his ‘inspiration’. Like many other prominent educators, he posts mathematical fun on Twitter as @TeachFMaths.