Some Ideas for Library and Resource Centres

We've always had great feedback when we have linked subject leaders with Libraries and Resource Centre Managers. So here are a few comments and recommendations for you from Tarquin's list - to try and broaden the availability of fun, but educational, resources.

 Title  Subject  Short description and link  ISBN
 Geometry Snacks  Puzzles, geometry  Geometry problems with more than one solution - opens minds to proof. Ages 11+  LINK  9781911093701
 Without Words  Puzzles, logic problems  Puzzles that first require working out what the puzzle is. Links to many areas of mathematical study. Ages 14+ LINK  9781907550232
 A Hen and a Half  Puzzles, logic problems  Classic and new word, logic and number problems to stretch anyone. Ages 13+ LINK  9781913565626
 Poems and Paradoxes  Poems to make you think  Mathematical and physics paradoxes and ideas explored in poems and pictures. Ideal ages 10-14 LINK  9781913565565
 Images of Infinity  Infinity explored  Pieces about infinity from stories to puzzles using mobile phones. Ages 11+ LINK  9781911093466
 Mathematical Origami  Make shapes   Classic collection of origami activities to explore geometry Ages 13+ LINK  9781911093039
 Artful Maths Activity Book  Art and maths explored  Activities galore to draw with a mathematical link Ages 9+ LINK   9781911093589
 Mathematical Adventures  History of maths  Key school mathematics explained through its historical context - great cartoons! Age 9+ LINK  9781907550201
 Peculiar Deaths of Famous Mathematicians  History of maths  Ten stories of mathematicians, their work and their unusual deaths. One is false - but which? Age 11+ LINK



For non-mathematical titles also worth considering see:

Let's Get Coding  Snap, Scratch and Python Projects for 9+ LINK ISBN 9781913565541 

Paper Engineering  - Design and Technology Classic book on designing paper pop-up cards LINK ISBN 9780906212493

The More Interesting Book of Puzzling Science + Maths Fun puzzles and ideas across science and mathematics Ages 11+ LINK  ISBN 9781911093510