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Geodesic Domes

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Geodesic Domes
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Demonstrated and explained with cut out models

Each of the models in this book is both beautiful and interesting to make.

With the aid of its models, this book explains the underlying theory for designing geodesic domes and shows how a sphere can be divided and subdivided symmetrically in order to create dynamic buildings which are light and strong and also have no need of internal support.


  • Introduction

  • Underlying Symmetry

  • Divisions of the Sphere

  • Domes by Truncation

  • Domes by Subdivision

  • Chord Factors

  • Generating Domes from the Octahedron

  • Generating Domes from the Icosahedron

  • A Geodesic Rotunda

  • A Faceted Hemisphere

  • A Divided Sphere

  • The 'Bucky Ball'


A Tarquin Original ISBN 9780906212929

Ebook now available in the Tarquin eReader 

Not currently available as a Kindle or ePub file, you may find it as a PDF Reader file by seaching for ISBN 9781913565978

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Excl. VAT: £8.95 Incl. VAT: £8.95