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Orbit ColourWave Model: Carbon C60 Fullerene Kit

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Orbit ColourWave Model: Carbon C60 Fullerene Kit
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Orbit materials enable you to "see" into the structure by building. Carbon 60 is the nearly spherical football-shaped molecule consisting of 60 carbon atoms. It is also known as the Buckyball and is the most stable example of the fullerenes.

This Colourwave model kit shows the highly symmetrical structure of Carbon 60. It is composed of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons with alternating double and single bonds illustrated by different colour tubes in the model.

Part of the Orbit Colourwave series, the model is easy to assemble and robust with sufficient atoms to see the relationships between structure and physical properties. Different coloured tubes illustrate the different the types of bonding.

Shape: "Buckyball" | Height: 15cm | 60 carbon atoms