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Orbit material for mathematics: Junior and Middle School Set

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Orbit material for mathematics: Junior and Middle School Set
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Excellent for primary and secondary classes - or for home use by the serious modeller. This well-thought-out set of materials has a place in classrooms from primary to upper secondary ages. The Orbit Material for Mathematics is well packaged and can be used to create an almost unlimited range of 2D and 3D shapes. The basic components, the straws and connectors, fit easily together. Pieces remain in place so children can explore and investigate. (Note for younger children some parts are small and may be choking hazards.) The colour-coded straws come in both stiff and flexible varieties as well as in several lengths. The straws can also be cut with a pair of scissors if different sizes are needed, and more pieces cheaply bought to keep the kit year on year. The connectors (called joining bits) come in both rigid and flexible varieties and have evenly-spaced prongs. The pack of full-colour work-cards addresses a wide range of topics from basic polygons (triangles, every manner of quadrilateral and so on) through cubes, pyramids and prisms, and on to tessellations, Euler's formula and dissection of a cube. The work cards have photographs of the shape being addressed and, depending on the topic of the card, instructions or questions for students to answer. Classroom teachers will likely appreciate the guidance provided by the work cards, but should in no way feel limited or constrained. Instead, the work cards should be seen as a starting point for mathematical investigations, not as an ending point.

Ambitious projects are possible and indeed to be encouraged...once made the models can be suspended and or displayed to inspire children, parents and teachers with the beauty of geometric forms like the stellated icosahedron.