Sudoku Extended - News and Free Subscription

Sudoku Extended has introduced new and exciting ways to stretch yourself with Sudoku.

Merged grids, 1-16 and 1-36 puzzles - there are plenty of these in the book. If you haven't got the book yet: have a look here. 

Registering for your free Subscription

If you are a book purchaser you can access your 3 month's free service delivered by email here and access large format versions of the 1-36 puzzles. If you have bought it direct from Tarquin, this is automatic.

If you bought the book through a third party like Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Waterstones etc, please sign up HERE

We will remind you before your 3 months' free service is up with the penultimate and last puzzles that you have the option to carry on getting these tough puzzles. 

You can continue to receive them after that for just $1 (approx 80p/90c) per month - with a right to cancel at any time.