Maths Battles: Strategy 8 - Revise for Success: Strategies for GCSE

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Maths Battles: Strategy 8 - Revise for Success: Strategies for GCSE
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Strategy 8: Maths Battles

Revise for Success Maths Battles is a set of resources to get students working collaboratively...and a little competitively. 

Used as lesson starters or as part of a structured revision session, each A4-size activity sheet will pit a student against a partner to solve some problems on a particular topic. There are 24 topics in the book. Questions are different on half of the sheet but designed to be of matching difficulty. Scoring is like football – a win is 3 points, a draw is 1 point and a loss is 0. It would be possible to run a small competition, to engage a whole class – in a World Cup style format perhaps, where there are group stages and play offs, so that all students are engaged until the very late stages.

Revise for Success GCSE - Maths Battles

Perfect also for two friends - or twins - working together at home!

Areas covered: All topics that comprise the foundation stage of GCSE.

Ten Books to Inspire Students to Grade 5

"I love the books. I was not intending to buy all 10 but they were full of so many lovely approaches and ideas that I could not resist. really useful with both foundation and higher GCSE students." Teacher 2019

The Revise for Success Series provides you with all you need to inspire students to revise in interesting, active and engaging ways. Used as lesson starters, homework tasks or as part of a structured revision session, each A4-size activity sheet will successfully challenge pupils learning on each of the main key strands of the new Mathematics GCSE curriculum focusing on the key skills of fluency, reasoning and problem solving

Executed skilfully, each activity can successfully engage, excite and energise students on a daily basis or in the run up to that all-important exam. Designed with busy teachers in mind, the activities are ready-to-go and come with all the answers included. These resources not only perfectly meet the needs of the modern mathematics teacher, but also those of the dedicated and supportive parent at home. Packed with visual appeal, these activities will enthuse even the most reluctant pupils, and convince them once and for all, that revision can be enjoyable, rewarding and fun.

 James Rimmer is a mathematics teacher in the North West. His innovative approaches to mathematics revision have kept thousands of students fresh and excited, whilst at the same time being as easy for teachers to implement as they can possibly be. 

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