Gift Offer - Three Wonderful Clocks

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Gift Offer - Three Wonderful Clocks
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How can you choose a present that is fun and challenging? In this instant, electronic world it's a tough question to answer. Especially so for someone in STEM, where what's fun and original can be hard to access.

We have a special deal on three clocks that will excite! 

3 unique clock designs

You want as much as we do that your presents open up new vistas. Tarquin has been providing wonderful resources to enjoy mathematics, science and art for over 50 years.

BUY these 3 and get the cheapest half price! 

Want to buy 3 of a different combination? Fine - just let us know at what combination and we will arrange it.

Got other ages groups to buy for? See some options below! 

Make sure your present is not a throw away toy, or something instantly consumed.

A Tarquin Gift pack will open doors and open minds! 

P.S. You can add ANYTHING on the site to these books and your postage price will not increase

P.P.S. Why not add a Tarquin Gift Voucher? No use by date...easy to buy and use.