Target Maths

Target Maths

Make the target number in the centre of the card using all of the numbers in the outside circle. Choose from the five sets of cards: Set 1 (easiest) to Set 5 (most challenging).

A large pack of 120 double sided cards. Each contains a puzzle with 3 or 4 numbers which must all be combined (with add, subtract, multiply or divide) to make the target number in the centre of card.

There are 5 different levels of challenge: click through to see more and to purchase

Set 1: Three single digit numbers

Set 2: Four single digit numbers

Set 3: Four numbers single and double digits

Set 4: Four numbers one of which is a fraction

Set 5: Four numbers one of which is unknown!

It can be played by an individual ('how many can you solve in 5 minutes'?), in pairs or in groups.

Players compete or collaborate to find the solution to the puzzle (or play solitaire). This is an excellent way to develop puzzling and problem solving skills with numbers. Players develop their skills as they solve more puzzles, as they work up to more challenging levels.

Number of Players:

1+ Players

Age Range: