Tarquin Empty Protractors - Pack of 10

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Tarquin Empty Protractors - Pack of 10
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AVAILABLE Spring 2022

Our flexible, shatter-proof, 360 degree circular protractor that fits easily into a pocket or pencil case. But with NO numbers. Why?

Here's Tom Francome's summary (taken from his extensive Teacher Resources, available separately - link below).

The empty protractor focuses on counting rather than reading a scale to measure angles. Using the empty protractor can avoid or overcome common difficulties but also develop conceptual understanding of angle as turn. The empty protractor has two key purposes: measuring a given angle and drawing an angle.

How to measure an angle
1. Place centre of protractor on vertex of angle.
2. Place any particular protractor line on top of one angle ray.
3. Count from this line to the other ray.

How to draw an angle
1. Draw initial line (if not given).
2. Place centre of protractor on vertex of angle.
3. Count the desired angle and mark.
4. Draw a line through marked point to the vertex.

Rather than a long list of steps to remember, learners only need one: to place the centre at the point of the angle they wish to measure.

Once users have mastered angle measurement, they can move to use the Tarquin Circular Protractor with numbers. 

Available packs:

This pack - pack of 10 protractors only.

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