The Pilot Who Wore a Dress

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The Pilot Who Wore a Dress

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Devised by devious genius Tom Cutler, The Pilot Who Wore a Dress is a fiendish collection of riddles, mysteries and puzzles to test and tease your brain.Here's a simple one to get you started: four bodybuilders are huddling together in the street, under a small ladies' umbrella, yet after 20 minutes not one of them has got wet. How is this possible?Separated into original brainteasers and timeless conundrums, plus locked-room head-scratchers and unsolvable crimes borrowed from the very best of detective fiction, this cunning collection will give your lateral thinking muscle a proper workout. See if you can crack the problems by tracing the clues tucked away in each mystery, without sneaking a peak at the answers at the back of the book.These puzzles are perfect for the squashed commute and after-dinner whoopla alike.

They are guaranteed to entertain and delight, whether you're a wannabe Sherlock Holmes or a budding Jonathan Creek. Side effects may include bafflement, laughter, smugness, and exclamations along the lines of, 'It's so obvious once you know the answer.'Oh, and about those bone-dry bodybuilders - who said it was raining? So obvious!