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Mini Mathematical Murder Mysteries

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Mini Mathematical Murder Mysteries
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16 activities to stretch and engage ages 11-13

We all like to think we can solve a murder given the right clues. Here’s a chance to use mathematics skills to identify “whodunit” for ages 12-14. The students are given the data or a diagram to solve a “problem” – which of various characters is a murderer. To find out, the student must solve all or most of the questions on the sheet to identify wrong answers as well as correct ones. Problems are staged, so there is an element of suspense for the individual…and racing between students to solve the mystery.

The topics covered in this book are all included in the year 7 & 8 schemes of work in mathematics. The tasks have been used successfully with older pupils too as a reminder of topics covered previously. They would also be suitable for younger pupils who have met the appropriate language and content. They are likely to take about 40 minutes but this will depend on the ability of the class to coordinate the different aspects of each task. For ages 13-15 see the sister titles More Mini Mathematical Murder Mysteries. For younger age groups Junior Mini Murder Mysteries is available. The book is aimed at both teachers and parents.


This is a set of consolidation resources rather than a teaching tool. They have worked well with a variety of classes, often putting the students in pairs to enable them to talk about the methods they’re using while they solve the “murder”. The author has found that their cooperative skills have improved as has their ability to plan and delegate in a bid to “win”.


Much more fun than having endless mathematics exercises to trawl through! Children will engage with the mathematics here presented in an entertaining way. Ideal for use in revision or other consolidation exercises. They are also great fun for after school clubs such as mathematics clubs, seeking to run short activities. Mathematics days or mathematics weeks will be greatly enhanced by their inclusion.

Contents 3. Introduction 4. Mini Murder Mystery 1 Arithmetic 6. Mini Murder Mystery 2 Money 8. Mini Murder Mystery 3 Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 10 Mini Murder Mystery 4 Number Types 12. Mini Murder Mystery 5 Negative Numbers 14 Mini Murder Mystery 6 Ratio 16. Mini Murder Mystery 7 Sequences 18. Mini Murder Mystery 8 Coordinates 20. Mini Murder Mystery 9 Numbers and Mappings 22. Mini Murder Mystery 10 Expressions and Equations 24. Mini Murder Mystery 11 Perimeter and Area 26. Mini Murder Mystery 12 Lines and Angles 28. Mini Murder Mystery 13 3D 30. Mini Murder Mystery 14 Data Handling 32. Mini Murder Mystery 15 Data Display 34. Mini Murder Mystery 16 Probability 35. Answers

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