Sharp Forms - Life at the Edge of Art and Mathematics

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Sharp Forms - Life at the Edge of Art and Mathematics
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John Sharp was an innovator, a communicator and connector of people. His friends and colleagues have created this ebook as a Memorial to his work.

It comprises two options: a free book of memorial pieces and a complete book with those pieces and some longer more considered articles, both delivered as ebooks within the Tarquin eReader.

1. The Memorial Section: Memories of Ideas Shared

A free element encompassing personal tributes from those who knew him and his ideas best, together with some pictures, videos and references from which to explore his ideas further. CHOOSE EReader and Book option below to order. We will send you an access code and login instructions.


Felicity Wood – Introduction and Personal Memories

Sue Ahrens – The Watford Connection

Jacqui Carey – A Bowl of Gratitude

Robert Fathauer – Spiral Tilings of Triangles

Gary Greenfield – John Sharp, My Algorist Friend – A Remembrance

Jonny Griffiths – My Memories of John

Mary Harris – Cardboard Boxes and Some Socks

Philip Kent – John Sharp at London University 2004-2013

Vinay Kathotia – Some Memories

Eva Knoll – Remembering John Sharp

Louise Mabbs – Mathematical Magic and More

Simon Morgan - John Sharp, community and experiencing the creative process

Deborah Robinson – Logarithmic Lace

David Wells – John Sharp Remembered

Tony Wills – A Strange Journey through some Unusual Geometry: My Work with John Sharp

Penelope Woolfitt – John Sharp

2. Sharp Forms: Articles

A collection of articles about, or connected to, his work and his areas of interest. Most are original to this work, some provide windows into his published work. 

A small fee is payable to receive these articles with the free element. Part of this fee has helped fund and host these ebooks, and a royalty from all sales will be used to fund some educational projects in India and elsewhere using Sliceforms. More details will be announced shortly and reported on within the ebook.

CHOOSE EReader and Ebook option below to order.


Indu Choraria and Vinay Kathotia – One Loop – Endless Possibilities

Paul Gailiunas – Bowl-Shaped Polyhedra from Infinity 6

Eva Knoll – John, me and the YángMă

Katherine Seaton – Yes, Lady Bracknell, A Handbag

John Sharp – In memory of Steve Eberhart

John Sharp – Just 4 Points and the Prepared Mind

John Sharp – Recreations with Paper Strips from Infinity 6

John Sharp The rectangular hyperbola as a circle in the geometry of the triangle

John Sharp – Scott Polygons

John Sharp – A model to make - an extract from D-Forms

John Sharp – A model to make - an extract from Sliceforms

John Sharp – Soddy Circles and a different way for solving the Apollonius problem

John Sharp – Variations and Explorations from Surfaces – Explorations with Sliceforms

Philip Steadman – Anamorphosis in a painting by Vermeer

Jack Tait – Secondary, Near Chaotic Patterns from Analogue Drawing Machines

Tibor Tarnai and János Krähling – Polyhedra in Churches

Marion Walter – Feedback from Infinity 6

A long-time Tarquin author and editor, some of John's works for Tarquin can be accessed below.

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