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Poems and Paradoxes

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Poems and Paradoxes
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17 Chapters of Paradoxes and Fascinating Ideas...with poems and pictures to help you remember them! 

How big is a billion? How much would you pay for a one pound coin? Why are no numbers boring? This collection answers these questions and many more, setting fun poetry and illustrations against fascinating mathematical ideas in a unique and amusing way. This book will appeal to maths-hungry teens and young adults, but also to anyone who enjoys wordplay and mind-bending concepts. Teachers of students at various levels will find content that can be applied to lessons.


  • Who Shaves the Barber?

  • I dropped a penny in a well   DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLE PAGES

  • I spent ten pounds on a one pound coin

  • How big is a hundred?

  • Spare a thought for seventeen

  • Infinity bottles of beer

  • One cool maths trick

  • How big is a million?

  • Paradox of time

  • Do the factorial!

  • Hunting BEGHILOS

  • Fred the lazy frog

  • Where do all the numbers go

  • Million, billion, trillion

  • I wish I could

  • It's Germain's world

  • It's nice to be nice

Kyle D Evans is an award winning maths communicator and musical comedian with a passion for getting us all excited about mathematics.  He has performed musical/comedy maths shows for all ages at various events, such as Cheltenham & Manchester Science Festivals, Blue Dot, Green Man, Camp Bestival, London Science Museum and Edinburgh Fringe. He can be found talking to large crowds of teenagers at events such as Maths Inspiration and Maths in Action, and is an occasional contributor to Radio 4’s flagship numbers show ‘More or Less’.

Hana Ayoob is an illustrator and science communicator. She is passionate about bringing people together to explore themselves and the world around them through art, science, technology, engineering and maths. When she isn’t drawing, Hana can be found producing science festivals, delivering science and art workshops, and talking about animals on stage. 

A Tarquin Original ISBN 978 1 91356 556 5

Ebook supplied as pdf within free Tarquin eReader

Kindle, PDF and ePub versions available widely: search eBook ISBN 978 1 91356 557 2



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Excl. VAT: £7.95 Incl. VAT: £7.95