Tessellations Around the World

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Tessellations Around the World
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Tessellations Around the World contains nearly 100 photographs of tessellations found in nature and in synthetic objects. A line drawing of the tessellation, a map showing its location, and a series of questions accompany 50 of the photographs. In addition to math questions, there is one question for each page relating to geography or culture. The book also contains chapters on tessellation basics, symmetry in tessellations, and tessellations in the real world. The tessellations are grouped by geographical region, and there is an introduction to the tessellations of each region. 

Tessellations Around the World is designed for use either by individuals or in a classroom setting. Many of the questions in the book are designed to address specific US Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Tessellations Around the World will help you or your students recognize and appreciate mathematics in the world around us, while reinforcing geometry and problem solving skills. Useful in primary and secondary settings.