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The Hyperbola Clock - the Red Arm

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The Hyperbola Clock - the Red Arm
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Using the Hyperbolic to tell the time is a novel and mathematically satisfying experience. 

The intersection of the angled arm and the numbers marked on the two hyperbolic curves indicates the hour. The curves are physical representations of part a deformed clock face (circle), having become one of an infinite number of ellipses. Some hours "disappear" in the single parabolic form when the plane lies parallel to the angle of a cone...only to reappear in the hyperbolic form "on the other side of infinity".

The pointed hand in the centre below the 'X' shows the minutes - and from above can tell the time the conventional way. Instructions in the pack show just how and explain the mathematics of the clock. 

See it move - note in real time the arm traces the hour in a slow and elegant hyperbolic curve

The Hyperbola Clock is made of the highest quality polymer, light enough to ensure the mechanism works, but highly scratch resistant. It comes with a ten year guarantee and a leaflet with some mathematical ideas to explore - in a classroom or at home. Needs a single AA battery. 

A perfect gift for any science and mathematics enthusiast - or, be nerdy, buy it for yourself!

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