Tarquin’s varied and lively list has been evolving and developing for over 30 years

Our titles sell well anywhere that teachers go, and where parents and relatives are looking for innovative - yet fun – educative materials.

Our new website provides you with various new tools to get great value from our list and to find stock availability, linked titles to those that you are selling well and more.

Create an Account

Create an account with us and receive a free copy of 5 of the bestseller list with your first order placed through the website. (We will send the 5 that seem the most appropriate to your store - but it will be 5 different titles.)

The process is simple. Apply online with the minimum of information required and we will contact you to clarify your terms. Once we have set your discount you can compile orders – using real-time stock checking - and then either place them through the website or send them to us for processing. Order tracking and processing will be visible through the site, so you have simple ways to manage your deliveries and re-orders.

In the UK, many of our book titles are also available from Gardners if you prefer to consolidate. Carriage to UK locations is free.

Overseas trade customers welcome – typically we ship worldwide and charge carriage at cost. But carriage to a UK based shipper is free.

Top Selling 10 Trade Titles: Last 3 Completed Months (click through title for more details)

This page will be updated monthly so you can see what is selling regularly.

Add Sales with our Non-Book Products

Tarquin is one of the UK’s leading sellers of dice, posters and other mathematics games. Try some of the trade items we carry!

For example we have over 40 posters available at discount (40% in packs of 10, 30% prepacked in singles for resale in a tube). Buy 10 for a free sample to display. Just search for posters once you have logged into your account to see what is available to you.

To add countertop and other "small value" sales, we have plenty of zany and original dice – and many standard dice too. If you want specialist dice to fill a corner, look no further. If you are selling to schools and want some volume – try our packs! This wonderful 120 sided dice is a good example!


We have an expanding range of puzzles with a mathematical theme – from small Foam Puzzles like the Puzzle of Pythagoras to Kites and Darts kits for creating tessellations.

Want a visit? Contact us and we will arrange to visit.