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Action Modular Origami - to intrigue and delight

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Action Modular Origami - to intrigue and delight
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by Tung Ken Lam

How to fold paper into geometric sculptures that move, spin and change

2020 Review on Amazon by Michael LaFosse, cofounder of Origamido® Studio and author of over 50 origami books and kits, including “Geometric Origami: The Art of Modular Paper Sculpture”: It has been a long time since I have enjoyed folding so many projects from just one book. The diagrams are among the best I have seen for geometric origami, and the collection of projects is a satisfying variety. Highly recommended! 5 out of 5 stars 

This is first and only book of action modular origami. All models are absorbing to make and rewarding to assemble, attractive to look at and also pleasing to play with. They spin, move and change shape in unique ways. Tung Ken Lam’s clear instructions and approachable writing style will make this an instant classic, used by recreational origami enthusiasts, teachers and students, serious mathematicians and paper modellers.

 Make your own

- Sliders Flat shapes that grow and shrink

- Flexagons and Rotating Rings

- Magic Wallet Series

- Spinners and Wheels

- 3D Shapeshifters

72 pages of activities, fun and useful commentary is backed up by an electronic version with video and computer demonstrations and related matters - free registration required and separate to the ebook.

A Tarquin Original ISBN 978-1-91109394-7  

Full Ebook version to come in September

The WXYZ was  the result of experimenting with skeletal cuboctahedra, which can be seen as four intersecting regular hexagons: what happens if the hexagons are transformed into equilateral triangles?