Tarquin Select and Ebook Vouchers

Get Your Free Tarquin Select Vouchers!

Some Tarquin resources now include credit to use on Tarquin Select. the activity-by-activity service we have introduced.

On Tarquin Select, you can select by topic, by age and by title and therefore add to the range of resources you have available without committing to buy a whole book. Better still, the download is immediate, so it's an ideal solution to lesson planning headaches. So next time you are looking for for something more interesting to do, without having to create it yourself, have a look!

You can browse the system without registering HERE - and please be assured that unless you choose to opt in to marketing, our systems will not install cookies, record email or other data.

What Can I Get?

If you have recently bought a book with a sticker or notice that you are entitled to vouchers, then you can choose to register through our automated system for those vouchers. These can be applied worksheet by worksheet. They aren't time limited, so use them when you need, 

Register to automatically receive the vouchers HERE.

You can also choose to receive an e-version of the book you have bought: please email info@tarquingroup.com stating which book(s) you have bought, and where you purchased them. If the purchase was from Tarquin direct, you need just say whether you bought them online, at a conference or other means. We will then send you codes to download a printable version of the product(s) you have purchased.