Who Tells the Truth?

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Who Tells the Truth?
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A Collection of Logical Puzzles to Make You Think 

Solving problems logically is a key life skill - without it decisions will be poor. Such skills are hard to teach and learn - practice and "puzzling" are vital.

But solving logic problems doesn't come naturally to everyone.
This book helps:

  • True or false questions - the core task is easy to understand.

  • Amusing illustrations and verbal problems create a cumulative story.

  • Thinking mathematically - logically - is what is needed to succeed…and readers will!

  • Contents include 12 chapters, each with multiple questions, making 85 puzzles in all.

  • A Hints and Solutions chapter that introduces basic techniques like decision trees.

  • Answers are also provided.

Being rushed through a curriculum can leave little time for core "thinking" skills. Tarquin has over 50 years experience of providing warm up and short activities to teachers, students and parents.

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Doing arithmetic is not the same as thinking mathematically. Logical thinking with verbal problems IS thinking mathematically - a great foundation for any future mathematics!  


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Excl. VAT: £3.99 Incl. VAT: £3.99