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James Tanton's new books that are puzzles that will stretch and tease, but at their heart is encouraging mathematical thinking. BUY BOTH AND SAVE HERE


Dyscalculia? What's that and why do I need to know about it? Accessible, informative and encouraging - Prof Paul Moorcraft's book will help everyone understand - from teachers to sufferers and all those who support them in between.


Presents and Prizes
Alex Bellos's new colouring book - 25% off!

Latest Catalogue Update - May 2015

Tarquin's latest mathematics catalogue 2014-2015 update can be downloaded here.



New Books

ACE Mathematics Games

A set of 6 books to enrich years 1-6 with simple and effective games.

Advanced Mathematical Team Races

An enrichment resource for teaching Post-16 Mathematics!! Ebook versions now available as well as Paper.

Tessellations around the World - finally here after all that travelling!

Tarquin Mathematical Challenges  

The challenges in this book are mainly designed for able mathematicians in upper primary or lower secondary although many of the tasks are appropriate for a much wider range of ages. Colour throughout.

New Posters

We are delighted to announce a new poster Polygons - and the redesign of two classics: One Million and Multiples. Special Offer available on all three HERE.

Just reprinted also The Theorem of Pythgoras

New Dice

See the new 2/3/4 Multidice and the new Skew Dice packs - a pair and a Statistics Pack. We have a wide range of new die and dice packs - from an innovative D60 to a new Arithmetic Dice Pack. Browse through Quick Search - paste Die and Dice to see the full range.

New Games

Mathstraks Games - award winning games from our author Lesley Higgin; Mathical Creatures, Fairy Tables and Monster Maths.

FlagMath - new matching games for practising arithmetic!

Back in stock:

Greek Thinking

Egyptian Fractions

Make Shapes 1

Make Shapes 2

First Tables Colouring Book

Second Tables Colouring Book

Codes and Ciphers

Advanced Polyhedra 1

The Gift Box Book

More Gift Boxes

Geometric Patterns from Patchwork Quilts

Special Offers!

Junior Mini Mathematical Murder Mysteries - a new book of innovative worksheets to revise and reinforce for ages 8-11 from Jill Whieldon. Sister title to the bestselling Mini Mathematical Murder Mysteries and More Mini Mathematical Murder Mysteries!


To see our latest titles and to browse our range - look for our nearest stockist to you. Next exhibition now MathsConf4 and the MEI in June.


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