Tarquin Circular Protractors

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Flexible, 360. 90mm. Shatterproof

It can be confusing learning angle with 180 degree protractors. How do you ensure that students think about the whole angle, or the angle being measured in its full context? Seeing angle as rotation helps deepen understanding.

Here's how the Tarquin Circular Protractor helps: 

  • Draw and measure the whole angle
  • Two scales allows measurement in either direction
  • Easy to measure angles over 180 degrees
  • The idea of the angle as rotation is emphasised.
  • Pencil case or pocket size at 90mm 
  • Great for drawing circles 
  • Cost effective too - being shatterproof helps!

Recommended by many schools and boards - many schools buy multiple packs and resell through school shops. Tarquin has sold millions of its protractors - to schools, parents, geometry hobbyists. 

Others recommend purchase singly from us or via Amazon.

Not understanding angle "in the round" stores up trouble for the future.

Tarquin Circular Protractors help make sure students understand. 

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Packs: Single