COVID-19 Update: Tarquin continues to trade through its website and through third parties. We expect to continue to do this, but we must expect some delay in supply to us, which may affect deliveries.

Tarquin has a large range of books and e-resources suited to using time (literally) constructively - search this site for Paper Models to make and learn at the same time, or Puzzles, to occupy your brain. Of course we have a large range of other books and activities to stretch you and your children - have a browse!

Tarquin as a publisher was created over forty years ago by Gerald Jenkins, then a mathematics teacher. Starting with a desire to make polyhedra in the classroom he discovered that books were the perfect medium of distribution for books containing models combining the fun of making them with the process of discovery. Tarquin’s list has stuck to the principle of combining fun with education ever since. 

Tarquin is part of a much older company - Richard Griffin (1820) Limited - that has published in mathematics and science for 200 years this year. Its illustrious author base includes Michael Faraday and Humphrey Davy, and more recently the great statisticians. Look out for our authors feature in our newsletters.

We welcome feedback - either through our social media links or direct to the email address below. We want our books for kids to be unique and fun; our products for teachers and other adults to provide ideas to make their subject lively and interesting. We also strive for the highest standards in customer service....

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