Ace Mathematics Games 1

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Getting children engaged and enjoying mathematics is a vital task. But how best to do it? There are so many other pressing tasks!

In particular how can you get children to enjoy practice and reinforcement of the skills you have taught them?

Games are one vital tool in your armoury - and now Ace Mathematics Games provides you with targeted games to make it easier. Easy to play and requiring only basic equipment, these games engage even the most reluctant of learners in the 6th year of school whilst boosting confidence for all. We're so confident you'll like them we will give you a pack of cards free - just add this product to your basket with this book! 

This book contains games to learn, assess and practice:

  • identifying one more or less with numbers up to 10 and 20
  • doubling numbers up to 10
  • using additi on and subtraction facts to 10, 15 and 20
  • recognising odd and even numbers
  • reading and comparing numbers up to 100
  • using a range of efficient mental methods

Great for teachers, parents, intervention workers, teaching assistants and private tutors, it offers:

  • the promotion of problem solving and thinking skills through game strategy
  • fun homework activities
  • ideal for engaging parents in positive mathematical activity
  • practice for specific objectives from the National Curriculum
  • a great resource to ensure students are engaged in learning and 
  • generate high levels of commitment to learning
  • the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to the social development of pupils
  • an effective assessment tool

David Smith is an experienced practising teacher and author. Tarquin has produced excellent teaching books for over 50 years. This book is the sixth of a set of books.

There's no more important task for teachers and parents of this age group that they progress loving learning.

David Smith's Ace Mathematics Games will help: Serious fun - it's a deal! 


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Format: Book