Birds, Bees and Burgers

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Format: Book

Paul Ferro presents 60 new problems for the geometry puzzler - including many puzzles based on familiar shapes. Problems are presented simply and colourfully, and solutions are well expounded and clear.

The reader will enjoy the challenge - and the “aha” moment of understanding any solution that they did not come to themselves. Great fun - and enriching too! The style is simple and clear and explanations in the answers are enlightening.

Don't take our word for how good this book is - see Mathematics in School's review:

"In this delightful pocket size book, Paulo Ferro presents a variety of geometric problems, some of which ask the reader to find angles, areas of shapes and coloured fractions of shapes. The problems are presented in six chapters of 10 puzzles each, ranging from level 1 which need only some geometric knowledge to solve, up to level 6 which are more advanced. I would suggest that level 1 would be suitable for Key Stage 3 students, while level 6 might challenge some Key Stage 5 students. The problems are presented as simple and colourful diagrams, and solutions are presented clearly and logically.

A typical level 1 question shows one or more simple shapes inside a larger shape, for example a small circle sitting on a larger semicircle, both touching the sides of an equilateral triangle. Given the area of the circle as 4, the challenge is to find the area of the semicircle. This is achieved by using Pythagoras’ theorem.

At level 6, a typical question might involve intersecting shapes and some information about lengths, areas or angles, from which other lengths, areas or angles need to be deduced. The solutions at this level sometimes include use of simultaneous equations, Thales’ theorem and solutions expressed as surds.

The enjoyment of these problems comes from needing to identify the knowns and unknowns and using geometric insight to get to one from the other. Often just noticing a relationship between two lengths or shapes can be the key to finding a solution. Readers will enjoy the challenges presented at each level, and the "aha" moment of reaching their own solutions or understanding any solution that they did not come to themselves.

This book would be suitable for any student (or teacher) who enjoys the challenge of mathematical problems in geometry and can be enjoyed as a supplement to curricular materials or for self-enjoyment. By the way, the unusual title derives from the fact that some of the problems include shapes that form birds, bees and burgers. Other problems also are based on an ice cream, a panda and a turtle, but these don’t alliterate as nicely!"

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Format: Book