Geometric Patterns from Tiles & Brickwork

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Format: Book

Patterns from tiles and brickwork are explored and demonstrated so that they can be used in your own designs. 

Explore Brick Bonds - Flemish, English and variations. Look at many variations in patterns. Explore tiles and how they are used on roofs, floors and walls. Patterns from each are displayed and simple patterns illustrated for use and further activities.

Robert Field has travelled extensively and has taken his camera and a keen eye with him wherever he has gone. Many people will be both surprised and delighted by the sheer number and variety of interesting patterns that he has discovered. This is one of a series of Geometric Patterns books that will appeal both to those who have a particular interest in the topic covered but also to those who are looking for a rich resource of pattern designs. Perfect follow up activities for school and other youth trips to places or architectural significance - or just your local high street or even some schools.

Robert Field is a mosaic artist and author. This is one of a series of six books on geometric patterns published by Tarquin.

Format: Book