Mindful Maths - Use Your Algebra to Solve these Puzzling Pictures

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Format: Book

Activities to stretch and engage ages 11-16

Homework and reinforcement activities can be dull and repetitive. So how do you motivate, without spending time you don't have? Students deserve to be engaged - and perform better if they are.

Getting Algebra basics up to scratch is tough, but vital to pass exams and to take mathematics further. Here's how this book helps:

  • Interesting and engaging, this book helps students aged 11-16 reinforce key skills
  • Better still, it's relaxing to solve the questions and colour the right answers 
  • It's self marking! Users are rewarded as correct solutions reveal a puzzle picture
  • Contents cover key topics from early algebra such as simplifying expressions
  • To more complex topics such as solving quadratic equations by substitution
  • 15 activities in all

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We all know it's hard to teach well, when time and resources are scarce. Help is at hand with this classic Tarquin format that has been used to teach hundreds of thousands - possibly millions - of students over the years!

Not getting the basics of algebra in place stores up trouble for the future. 

With Mindful Maths, you'll nail those basics in place…and enjoyably too.

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Format: Book