Let's Play Downloads & Links

There are many downloads and additional resources available to learn and play, referred to in the Let's Play - Aiming High Family Games book. Numbers refer to pages in the book, for ease of reference.

1. Fifteen Game 

3. Rock Paper Scissors Game 

7. Draw and Talk Game

17. Groups Game 

20. Vectors Game   For a Gameboard see here

22. Spin High Spin Low Game   Instructions: How to Make Spinners Video: Spinner Movie See the game Nice or Nasty on the NRICH website 

24. Five in a Line Game 

26. Horse Race Game 

28. Polystars Game Visit TEDDY TOWN on the NRICH website for a similar interactive puzzle 

33. Squares Game Play against a computer at NRICH

35. Checkit Game Watch the videos here and also here

37. Magic Square Game For more on the history of magic squares see here

40. Fraction Wall Games

43. Odds and Colours Game Play online at NRICH here

45. Pig Games For more on pig dice games see here.

47. Lucky Numbers Game For more background on the Monty Hall problem see here

49. Senet   For more instructions on how to make and play, see here.
Raven’s table You Tube History and Rules of Play for SENET see here. History and background - see here

51. Red or Black Game 

53. Nim Games For Game analysis see here and here 

55. Mystic Rose Game For more background see here

57. Frogs Game 

60. Pat the Pig Game  For history and background see here. Play online at NRICH. 

62. Target Game Collection  For the version with integers see here. 

65. Sum Difference Game  For a list of dice games see here. And for the history of such games see here.

67. Mathopia Lottery

69. The Function Game 

71. Pelmathism 

76. The Siege Game 

78. Tug of War Game For young children there is also this on NRICH. 

80. Ultimate Tic Tac Toe  For more on variants of this game see here and watch James Grime's video here

83. Nine Men’s Morris  For more background, see here. Play online here.

85. L Game Watch the video by Edward de Bono, inventor of this game, here. For background see here.

89. Seega 

91. Mean Median Mode Game Play online at NRICH here

93. Polypath 

98. Divisibility Game For an interactive article Tests for Divisibility by Tim Rowland see here.

Broken Link? At the time of writing, these links are tested and live. But if you find one that's changed, please let us know at info@tarquingroup.com.