1066 - A Big Story for Little Historians

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Format: Book

 "Wow, what a great story", Oliver, 9

Getting children reading and reading well is a key task for home and school. Yet some children do not enjoy "made up" stories as much as ones that are more fact-based. As they start to express their preferences, children will explore what interests them and their imaginations will be fired...if there are books to read that suit them. 

History - or should we say Hi-story? - is a great way to involve, excite and fire the imaginations of all children. Based on facts, the non-fiction oriented will love them. But so will every child who loves stories. In that familiar form, imagination is still key, especially linking the verbal and visual imagination. The Big Stories for Little Historians series builds on this situation combining the stories of history simply and elegantly told with larger than life illustrations like this one of William landing at Pevensey Bay.

1066 is a wonderful book about a different time - almost like a different world even though the story is about England. Read about the Vikings, the Saxons and the Normans battling it out for the future of England! 

Check out the soldiers, the rival Kings and the different ways of life. Imagine yourself in the battles - whose side would you be on?  

The battle between Norman French, Saxon Britons and Danes for the land of England really is a rip-roaring tale! And Sarah Davies and Chris Ruth take you there in words and pictures!

A 48 page picture book. For early readers 5-11 years old and for parents and teachers to read with their children.

Figures to cut out and make are also in the book and downloadable for those that want.

Teacher's Book also available: see more here.

    Format: Book