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Welcome to the Tarquin website 

As you know if you have arrived here, you have been referred by a friend. Referrals can earn credits for goods, or cash for charity or personal use. So please sign up if you like what you see! 

Where to go next?

It's all pretty obvious, so not too many words! But you might find it useful to know:

  • If you are familiar with what Tarquin has produced in the 50 years + of our existence, then you might want to see what's new. Choose the category of product you are interested and then in the text there are filters to show only new products.  
  • If you are a teacher or parent, there's a way to filter by age on the home page. Look for the Educational Resources section.

GetGoing: if you are not already a customer... enter that code to get a first order discount of 10%.