A Hen and a Half

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Format: Book and Ebook

Intriguing Conundrums, Confusing Paradoxes, Baffling Conjectures and Challenging Puzzles

The title comes from the author's simple challenge:

If a Hen and a half, lay an Egg and a half in a Day and a half, how many eggs would 3 hens lay in a week?  Get working... 

This collection of over 50 puzzles and logical problems includes some classic and some new problems. There are short puzzles that require no mathematical knowledge and some that require rigour and mathematical logic.

Accessible, well illustrated and in colour, the book has a unique, friendly readable style. Any puzzle lover will enjoy it and be challenged.


It is also unique in offering 2 levels of answer and explanation.

Level 1 is mostly in the printed book and is for those who want the problem, and the answer and  explanation for the problem. See the 3 page images displayed here - the first with the large 26 shows the opening of the Chapter and the posing of the conundrum. The second shows how the question is answered and explained. These are within the printed book. 

Level 2 is an explanation in depth and for the type of problem - this is found only in the ebook. There's often some serious mathematics there too, and techniques galore to solve problems in the future. The third page image is the first of many, explaining this particular problem.

Read the book for fun, or read it and enjoy the process of exploring the application of some serious mathematics.

Which Option is for Me?

The Book: contains problems and Level 1 answers in 274 pages - but buyers can request the 180 pages of ebook Level 2 content free.

The EBook: contains both Levels 1 and 2 material - the printed book's 274 pages and an additional 180 pages. 

You can try some of them! 

See examples, and plenty of fun sample problems on the HalfaHen website.

Format: Book and Ebook