Advanced Mathematical Team Races

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Format: Book

17 ready-to-use photocopiable activities to use with ages 16-18. Paul Hambleton

17 ready-to-use photocopiable activities to use with students over 16 years. A team race is a classic idea - your team wins by answering all the questions correctly in the fastest time! Students enjoy the activity immensely and the quality of learning and discussion taking place is very high.

This second book in the series contains activities based on Advanced Level core mathematics content. It can be incredibly difficult to find interesting resources as alternatives to a textbook, yet the author has found that post-16 students enjoy these activities just as much as younger ones and they are just as effective in developing their learning. They still enjoy the competitive nature of the activities and they promote rich discussions in overcoming misconceptions when tackling the problems in small groups.

Ideal for use in revision or other consolidation exercises.


  • Race 1 Midpoints, Gradients and Distances 
  • Race 2 Factorising and Solving Cubic Equations 
  • Race 3 The Binomial Expansion 
  • Race 4 Arithmetic Sequences and Series 
  • Race 5 Geometric Sequences and Series 
  • Race 6 Differentiating Using Standard Results 
  • Race 7 Straight Lines,Tangents and Normals
  • Race 8 Integrating Using Standard Results 
  • Race 9 Simplifying Logarithmic Expressions 
  • Race 10 Partial Fractions 
  • Race 11 The Chain Rule 
  • Race 12 The Product and Quotient Rules 
  • Race 13 Differentiating Exponential and Natural Logarithm Functions 
  • Race 14 Differentiating Trigonometric Functions 
  • Race 15 Integration by Substitution 
  • Race 16 Integration by Parts 
  • Race 17 Linear Combinations of sin(x) and cos(x) 

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Format: Book