Animation! Make Your Own Moving Images

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Make a Cat an Acrocat… See A Man Breakdance…Make A Frog Leap…And the Sun Come Out from Behind the Clouds…An Umbrella Open to Keep off the Rain…A Chicken and an Egg Vying to Come First...and much more!

Today we are surrounded by moving images on film, TV and computer.

However, before the beginnings of modern day cinema in 1895, optical toys were used to create moving images. They were very popular in Victorian times with both children and adults – and remain a source of wonder today.

This book provides colourful paper models that are easy to make, with designs for some of the major optical toys that were part of the development of film and tv:

three thaumatropes, two phenakistascopes with 2 designs each, one zoetrope with up to three designs, one flick book with two designs and a number of pen rollers.

With notes on the history of moving images and tips and methods to make your own moving images using the same designs, hours of fun can be had for all!

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