Demathtifying - Demystifying Mathematics

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Mathematics in schools is in crisis. Fewer and fewer higher level students, fewer and fewer teachers, fewer and fewer inspired students and the spiral will continue. As a man whose living is made solving problems, Ilan Samson is worried. So he has produced a key part of the solution: a readable text on mathematics.

His contention is straightforward: People are afraid of mathematics not because they cannot do it but because they were given instructions without their reasons. These reasons are simple. Demathtifying is where you will find them.

Covering the mathematics taught in school up to A-Level, the book is equally intended for students and adults - to discover that they, too, can lose their fear of maths.

The experts agree: "Why is it that buses come in threes while good maths books never come along? Well not now. Ilan Samson takes a fresh look at mathematics - taking the mystery out and putting the magic back in. Entertaining, engaging and utterly enthralling. Maths as you never saw it before - make sure you hide it from the kids." Barry Lewis, Director Maths Year 2000; Past President, Mathematical Association.

"...most interesting and lively...giving many insights and examples that make it a stimulating read...an excellent read for the maths teacher /lecturer to help with their teaching of mathematical topics [and] very helpful to a wider audience...written in a delightful style" Professor David Burghes

And the publishers warn: We were unable to delete the jokes. So, be warned - reading this book may be fun.

The author Ilan Samson, a physicist and Operations Research expert, now makes the rare existence from inventing products that actually get realized worldwide. This uncommon background should be a promising source of a fresh approach to breaking down the barrier between most people and Mathematics.