Designs in the Coordinate Plane

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This activity book requires the student to work a set of mathematics exercises in order to define a set of ordered pairs of numbers. These ordered pairs are then located as points on a coordinate plane.

As each student follows directions to connect the points, a geometric design, sometimes surprising, emerges. In some of the activities only half of the design is completed by plotting points. Students are directed to complete the design based on the principles of symmetry. All of the designs involve points in the four quadrants.

25 activities in all. Covers:

  • Order of operations,
  • Operations on integers,
  • Evaluating algebraic expressions,
  • Finding the value of y in an expression if the value of x is given,
  • Missing terms in sequences,
  • Solving equations,
  • Operations on fractions,
  • Opposites and absolute values. 

Teachers are given permission to reproduce the pages for classroom use. A solution key is provided.